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Walker County is located on the eastern side of Central Texas with Montgomery County to the south, Madison and Houston Counties to the north, Trinity and San Jacinto Counties to the east, and Grimes County to the west. Walker County is also the home to the western half of the Sam Houston National Forest. Huntsville is the county seat of Walker County and is centrally located along the I-45 corridor. Other municipalities of Walker County consist of Dodge, New Waverly, and Riverside. Walker County is the home of Sam Houston State University and is the headquarters to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Sam Houston State University or SHSH was founded in 1879 and is one of the oldest public institutions of higher learning in the State of Texas. The University is located in Huntsville and is named after General Sam Houston, the former governor of Texas that retired to Huntsville, made the city his home, and was subsequently buried there after his death. Sam Houston State currently has an attendance of over 20,000 students and continues to grow each year. The University has outstanding programs in the performing arts such as dance, and also in banking, mathematics, and of course has notoriety for its criminal justice program. Due to the location of the school, many students are commuters from surrounding counties.

The high number of commuting students along with the local bar scene coupled with the Sam Houston State Police and the Huntsville Police Department makes for a large amount of arrests for drug and alcohol offenses. If you are a student at Sam Houston State University and you have been arrested for DWI, marijuana, or another drug possession or alcohol related offense then you need aggressive representation immediately. Ron Voyles and his team of professionals at Ron Voyles & Associates are a local law firm with an office located in downtown Huntsville. Ron has represented students for DWI and other drug and alcohol offenses for more than ten years. In the case of students, procrastination can cause severe repercussions. In other words, the quicker you contact an attorney, the better chance the attorney will be able to stop the damage from your arrest. Why? Students are frequently given suspensions or even expelled before all of the facts and discovery in their case has been presented to the district attorney. Don't get caught up in a rush for justice. Call the attorney that has been representing students at Sam for a decade. Call Ron Voyles.

Many of the degree programs at Sam Houston State University such as education and teaching will not allow for a conviction for a drug or alcohol offense. At Ron Voyles & Associates we have seen many students that are in the final stretch of completion of their degree plan, some that have even graduated to student teaching, receive a DWI and foolishly plead guilty only to find it ruins their career. Don't let this be you. Hire an experienced trial lawyer that is skilled in DWI and other drug and alcohol offenses. Call Ron Voyles today.

Another large group of commuters to Huntsville, Texas are employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. TDCJ employs over 37,000 people and Walker County is the home to the most state prisons of any other county in the State of Texas. Units located in Walker County include the Wynn Unit, the Huntsville or Walls Unit, the Goree Unit, and the Byrd Unit in Huntsville proper; and the Holliday, Ellis, and Estelle Units located in the rural parts of the county. Therefore, it's no surprise that TDCJ employees are another group that we at Ron Voyles & Associates represent frequently. Drug and alcohol offenses together with other allegations such as smuggling contraband into the prison units can have a huge impact on a person and can even end their career with TDCJ.

If you work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or are in training and plan on interviewing there and you have been arrested in Walker County, Texas you need to act today. Call local attorney Ron Voyles and schedule a consultation.

The Sam Houston National Forest is a popular spot for recreation located in not only part of Walker County but also Montgomery and San Jacinto Counties. Popular parks in the area include Huntsville State Park and the Double Lake Recreation area for hiking and biking. Camping is available at the Cagle, Double Lake, and Stubblefield Recreation areas. Locals and tourists come to the parks to enjoy kayaking, horseback riding, fishing, and boating, in addition to hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Frequently, guests of the parks are stopped if they are suspected of consuming alcohol or drugs. Driving while intoxicated and boating while intoxicated arrests are more and more common in the parks. Arrests for drugs such as marijuana are also common complaints we see in the office in addition to public intoxication. Frequently, everyone in the group will be arrested. If you or your friends and family have been arrested in one of these recreation areas, call us. Even simple arrests in these areas can cause trouble in many professional occupations and also for students.

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