Storm Damage Claims

A major storm just plowed through your area. Your home or business has been damaged. You need help. Insurance claims typically follow storms. Hail damage, tornado damage, wind damage and water damage frequently result in an insurance claim. The sad truth is it is common practice for insurance companies to neglect to provide their clients with sufficient funds to compensate for the repairs made necessary by Mother Nature. Tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and flooding always bring large numbers of claims to insurance companies.

When an insurance company gets a large number of claims, this commonly results in low offers of settlement to their insureds. The company knows through experience that many people do not know their rights and that people think that if they talk to a lawyer it will cost them money or time. This is simply not true. At Ron Voyles & Associates, we handle these types of claims on a contingency basis and do not charge you anything unless we recover additional money on your claim. If we don’t get any extra money from the insurance company, then we don’t charge our clients anything.

Storm Damage Claims When you are stressed after a storm that has damaged your property the last thing you want or need to do is to try and understand the insurance claims process. We can help. This is what we do. The truth of the matter is that property and business owners who talk to attorneys about their weather claims get more money than those that do not. Don’t assume your insurance company will accurately evaluate the extent of your damage. That’s a big no-no. At Ron Voyles & Associates, we have experts that work for you.

So, if your home or business has been devastated by extreme weather conditions, you may be in need of the legal services of Ron Voyles & Associates. Contact us today for a free consultation concerning your property damage related to storms at 936-228-6155.

How We Can Help You

When you have a business or home that’s been damaged as a result of a storm, we will help you navigate the complicated and confusing business of resolving an insurance claim. We don’t charge you any money unless we are successful. Contact Ron Voyles & Associates as soon as possible for a consultation to learn whether you have cause for legal action. Our team is committed to helping people just like you who have been the victims of storm damage. We’ve recovered compensation for all types of clients, and will work tirelessly to secure the settlement you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation concerning your property damage related to storms at 936-228-6155.


If your business has suffered from fire, flooding, vandalism, or other damage, you cannot afford any delays in getting the necessary repairs to resume normal daily operations. Sadly, most people don’t have excess money in reserves to cover the costs. Don’t be a victim and let bad-faith actions on the part of your insurer place you at risk of a financial crisis.

Home Owners

Your home is your castle. It’s probably also your most valuable possession, and your home owner’s insurance policy may be your most important safeguard against losses. If your property has sustained any type of damage, you shouldn’t be forced to deal with the frustration of misconduct on the part of your insurance company.


When your condominium has been damaged in a fire, a storm, a break-in or under any other circumstances, you are entitled to full coverage under the terms of your condo insurance policy. We have experience representing condominium owners, and will work to achieve a speedy resolution of your claim.

Apartment Complexes

Always remember that insurance policies covering apartment complexes are written to protect the insurer against the significant financial losses associated with damage to apartment buildings, just as much as to safeguard the property owner. We understand that you have a duty to your tenants, and will fight to secure a full settlement for your damages.


If the insurance company that covers your church is treating you unfairly in any way, call our firm immediately. Clearly, policy holders have a right to fair dealings, and nowhere is this truer than in your church where you and your congregation go to worship. Call us and let us fight to defend your right to a fair settlement.

Types of Damage

With decades of experience, Ron Voyles & Associates has the skill and dedication you need on your side when filing a insurance claim. We have a track record of success. If you believe that your insurance company has failed to act in good faith towards you as a policy holder, contract us now at 936-228-6155. We will review your situation to determine whether you have grounds for legal action to recover not only the fair value of your claim, but possibly even more. You paid your premiums, you have a right to expect full coverage under the terms of your policy, and we will work diligently to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Hail Damage

Hail storms can cause severe damage quickly. The size of hail can be large and the force of a stone of ice falling from the sky can cause considerable damage to homes and vehicles. Insurance companies commonly try to work their way out of being responsible. Don’t let this happen to you. You may already have damage that won’t lead to severe leaks for years to come.


Has your home or business been damaged in a fire? Whether the building burned down or if the blaze was contained in a single room, you may have considerable expenses for repairs and reconstruction. If your policy includes coverage for fire damage, you have a right to demand a fair settlement.


Flooding can have a disastrous effect on any building, from a residence to a church or business. The water damage can cause widespread deterioration in the structure of the building, as well as pervasive mold which may be extremely difficult to remove.


Storm Damage ClaimsIf you live anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, you most likely know what a devastating impact hurricanes can have on the buildings in areas that are hit. If your insurance policy includes coverage for damage caused by hurricanes, we can help you pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Pipe Bursts

The water damage following any type or pipe burst can be extremely expensive to repair, from warped floorboards and damaged walls to extensive mold. Whether the pipes were in your home, a neighboring residence or a city water or sewage system, you may face considerable costs to restore your property to its proper condition.


With wind speeds ranging in the several hundreds of miles per hour and a large volume of debris being hurled through the air, tornados are famous for causing widespread destruction. They are common in Texas, and a large percentage of homeowners and businesses in our area have insurance policies which should cover the damage.

Wind Storms

From the Gulf Coast to the prairie and the Hill Country, wind storms are common in Texas. If your property has been damaged by high winds, you may be counting on your insurance policy to cover the costs of repairs. Don’t let bad-faith actions on the part of your insurer place you in financial difficulty.

We will assist you in getting your life back to normal. Don’t waste your precious time.

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