Drug Possession

Marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine and other controlled substances are taken seriously in Montgomery County, Texas. If police discover drugs on your body or in your clothes, you can be charged with drug possession. If they find drugs in a spot that you usually control and can easily reach, you can be charged with constructive possession.

If convicted, the consequences can have a serious, long-term, negative impact on your life. Your license is suspended for six months after any conviction for drug possession. Police can seize your car, your property and your money. Sentencing can range from probation to a long period in jail. The actual amount depends to a large degree on what types of drugs and what quantity were found.

The effects extend into your future. You can be denied financial aid, get rejected by the school of your choice and have problems finding a job. The charges will be part of your criminal record, shadowing you for a lifetime. A criminal history can stop you from qualifying for certain licenses and becoming a member of particular professions.


MethamphetaminesMontgomery County has been experiencing serious issues with methamphetamines in the last few years. The result is a crackdown by police and judges. They are taking a stronger position against anyone accused of the crime of possessing meth. If sentenced, you are facing serious consequences, including prison time.


MarijuanaPossession of small amounts of marijuana is against the law in Montgomery County, at least a misdemeanor. Minor cases can be handled without major issues. But any case involving large quantities or intent to sell is treated extremely seriously. For any marijuana possession, you are risking a six-month suspension of your license and a chance of a jail sentence.


CocaineAnyone charged with cocaine possession in Montgomery County is looking at very serious legal problems. If you are dealing with these charges, you need an experienced lawyer. You need someone who knows the local courtroom players. You need someone on your side that understands the laws and will conduct a vigorous defense.


PillsPrescription drugs can also get a person in trouble with the law. Illegal possession or sale of a legal drug can result in a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge. Also, if any crime related to drugs is committed within a school zone, the offense is automatically enhanced by one level.

The punishment you may face is dependent upon what kind and how much of the drug was possessed or sold, and the circumstances surrounding the incident. A teenager selling his parent's pain pills at school will be charged with selling drugs, but also selling in a drug-free zone. Montgomery County criminal defense attorneys Ron Voyles & Associates can help navigate parents as well as teens through a very intimidating experience. Don't let your child's bad decision affect his or her future beyond repair.

Our firm also handles cases involving forged prescriptions, possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, transporting prescription drugs across state lines, and fraudulently filling prescriptions.

Considering the severe consequences and stiff penalties than can occur, it is imperative to hire counsel who can knowledgeably and effectively protect you.

Know your rights, be smart, and hire an experienced attorney. We can help.

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