Case Results

Some Of Our Case Results Are…

FEB 2014:
WIN Termination of parental rights case. Win after jury verdict.

FEB 2014:
DISMISSED Driving While Intoxicated case.

MAR 2014:
NOT GUILTY Woman found Not Guilty of two counts of assaulting her neighbor in a dispute over loud music.

SEP 2015:
PROBATION Probation granted on Defendant’s fifth arrest for Driving While Intoxicated.

OCT 2015:
DISMISSED 3rd Degree Felony. Possession of a controlled substance. Dismissed.

NOV 2015:
PRETRIAL DIVERSION Pretrial Diversion received on Driving While Intoxicated resulting in no conviction and ability to have expunged from Defendant’s record.

NOV 2015:
REDUCED CHARGE Felony theft reduced to Class A Misdemeanor deferred probation to Class A Misdemeanor deferred probation.