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Attorney Ron Voyles works in several different areas of the law. With over twenty years of experience in both medicine and law, he has the unique ability to understand both medical and legal client issues in injury law as well as assault cases, drug possession, and intoxication offenses. Ron Voyles learned from his time working with injury cases as well as his medical practice that the system benefits special interests that have the resources to stonewall the legal system from working effectively. Based on this knowledge of the system, Ron Voyles is able to help those seeking justice get justice on their terms, working first and foremost for the little guy.

Intoxication Offenses - Areas of PracticeIntoxication Offenses

You only have fifteen days to try and save your driver’s license after a Texas DWI or BWI arrest! If you fail or refuse the field sobriety test, you will be served with a notice of suspension. You need an attorney to answer your questions that know the law in this DPS minefield. [Intoxication Offenses Continued]

Assault Charges - Areas of Practice Assault Charges

There are a number of assaultive offenses in Texas. Even simple assault in Texas can have profound implications that will affect the rest of an individual’s life. Assault, aggravated assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and the quasi-assault charges such as deadly conduct, terroristic threat, harassment. [Assault Charges Continued]

Drug Possession - Areas of Practice Drug Possession

Drug possession is a weighty criminal offense in Montgomery County. The consequences of a drug charge can vary greatly: from probation, all the way up to a sentence of years in prison. If you are charged with possession under the law, it means the state has accused you of carrying or having access to a controlled substance. [Drug Possession Continued]

As an example, intoxication offenses don’t just affect your criminal record: they can affect your insurance rates as well as potential employment. Even worse, intoxication offenses, which are designed to protect the community from threats, are often applied towards people who have done nothing dangerous at all. With his unique medical background, Ron Voyles is capable of looking at the defenses available to those who are involved in such a case, get to the details, and help those who need help with their cases find where the law is on their side.

One of the most common situations substance and assault defendants place themselves in is to assume that the court is capable of lenience. This is a common misconception– “pleading out” doesn’t necessarily give you the best sentence. It simply gives you the sentence the court thinks is appropriate, which often has nothing to do with what the person pleading deserves or should accept. Because of this, it’s important that having an experienced attorney in these matters by your side will help guarantee that a maximum defense will be offered on your behalf. Don’t think in terms of what “justice” demands– because that is not your task, it’s the court’s. Your job in the court system is to find a knowledgeable defense that places your interests first in the eyes of the law and ensures that you get the best treatment that the legal system will allow.

If you have found yourself involved in an intoxication case, drug possession case, or assault charges, it’s important to have a legal representation you can afford. Not doing so runs the risk of not simply losing your case, but everything from your insurance to your employment being affected. Do not assume the courts will work in your favor! Call the office of Ron Voyles now to schedule your consultation and look at different options available to you.

Know your rights, be smart, and hire an experienced attorney.
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Ron was amazing! If you’re a Polly panic button like me and need constant reassurance, he gives it without hesitation. Beyond helpful! I can’t sing Ron and Wendy enough praises. Everything was taken care of so quickly. Amazing team! Delta H.
Ron is an experienced lawyer who is passionate about defending his client. He works hard to bring about the best possible result. Maureen M.
Great experience. Ron was able to get my felony charge totally dismissed in 6 months. Very flexible payment options and he worked with my situation very professionally. Colton C.
Ron handled an issue for me with diligence and determination! I live in a different state so I had to put my trust in Ron and he delivered! I would recommend him for any problems you may have whether big or small. I appreciate his hard work to fix an issue that was misrepresenting me and was weighing on me. Thanks Ron! Chad C.