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Have you been accused of a criminal act such as DWI in Conroe or the Montgomery County, Texas area?

Act now. You have very little time to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. By the time you're arrested, the government has gathered evidence against you. It's more than you think. In fact, it's enough evidence that law enforcement thinks they can secure a conviction against you. Stop while you are ahead. Hire an attorney. Time is of the essence. The government can and will use its massive resources in order to secure a criminal conviction against you. You need an experienced Conroe criminal defense attorney immediately. You need someone to examine that evidence and stop the government in its tracks. Ron Voyles should be your first call. The law office of Ron Voyles & Associates is located conveniently next to the Montgomery County Courthouse in downtown Conroe. Ron Voyles has the decades of experience that you need and can trust. If you are not worried about the Montgomery County District Attorney prosecuting you, you should be. An experienced criminal defense trial attorney is all that separates you from a conviction that will change your life. What's your freedom and reputation worth? The government does not care about your side of the story. The State of Texas does not care that a criminal conviction could ruin you, your family, and your source of income. Ron Voyles does care. Ron and his team of legal professionals are ready to fight for your freedom today.

Drug, alcohol, and assault charges are the main criminal offenses we deal with every day at Ron Voyles & Associates. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows the science behind the tests to fight for you in a DWI or drug case. The simple truth is if you are pulled over and law enforcement smells alcohol, you are going to jail.

  • Does it matter that you are not intoxicated? No.
  • Does it matter that the government's machines give false positives? No.
  • Does it matter that the police didn't get your side of the story in an assault charge? No.
  • Who makes it matter? Your attorney.

You need an attorney that will not only get your side of the story but that will also take your case to trial if necessary and aggressively defend your rights. Ron Voyles is the experienced trial lawyer that you need.

Ron Voyles has represented hundreds of people over the years from Conroe, the Woodlands, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia, New Caney and all the surrounding communities along the I-45 corridor in Montgomery County. Do yourself a favor, hire a local attorney. You need a lawyer that keeps in touch with the local rules, trends in the local courts, and local changes in the law that will ultimately determine your case. Ron Voyles and his team of professionals work with the Montgomery County District Attorney's office on a daily basis. We will educate you so that you can make the informed decisions that will influence your life with confidence.

Drug and alcohol crimes move quickly. Time is working against you.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will take your ability to drive by suspending your Texas driver's license. You only have fifteen days to try and save your license in a DWI, DUI, or other alcohol related offenses. In marijuana and drug possession cases, the state of Texas will suspend your license for six months upon conviction. You need an experienced lawyer to try and prevent you from forfeiting your license. Crimes such as assault, aggravated assault, and assault-family violence cases may prevent you from hunting or carrying a firearm. Don't let the government infringe on your rights. Hire Ron Voyles.

We are different.

Ron Voyles is not only an experienced criminal defense trial attorney, he also holds a degree as a doctor of chiropractic medicine. He knows the science behind the forensic tests that the state will use against you in your prosecution. Don't be one of the frequent victims of the pseudo-science the state will use to make you look guilty. You better believe that innocent people go to prison based on junk science. Don't be that person. Hire Ron Voyles & Associates and get the legal and scientific knowledge you need on your side. Our criminal defense team should be the first place you call when you need help. We officer solutions that other firms cannot.

In addition to aggressive criminal defense, because of his background, Ron Voyles also a trial lawyer that represents accident and injury victims. Ron Voyles has twenty years of experience with the fields of personal injury, medical malpractice, 18-wheeler accidents, and work related injuries. Ron was a Texas designated doctor for years and performed hundreds impairment rating examinations on injured Texas workers. Ron has teamed up with his brother Adam Voyles to form unrivaled representation for personal injury. Adam Voyles has twenty years' experience in complicated litigation and has recovered millions of dollars of awards for victims of injuries such as auto, truck, 18-wheeler accidents, and victims of storm damage claims. Together, the two brothers bring four decades of experience to fight for you and your recovery.

Just how important should aggressive representation by an experienced Conroe criminal defense lawyer be to you? Montgomery County, Texas had several thousand arrests in 2015 and is one of the most aggressive counties in prosecuting criminal offenses in Texas. That number will only go up. Juries in Conroe are giving life sentences on DWIs. It doesn't get any more serious. Don't let the government ruin your life with a DWI, drug possession, or assaultive offense such as family violence. When you've been arrested in Conroe, the Woodlands, or the surrounding communities you need and experienced aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your legal rights immediately. Your team should be Ron Voyles & Associates.

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Case Results
    State Jail Felony. Possession of Marijuana. Dismissed.
    State Jail Felony. Possession of a Controlled Substance. Dismissed.
    Felony theft reduced to Class A Misdemeanor deferred probation to Class A Misdemeanor deferred probation.
    Pretrial Diversion received on Driving While Intoxicated resulting in no conviction and ability to have expunged from Defendant’s record.
  • OCT 2015 | DISMISSED
    3rd Degree Felony. Possession of a controlled substance. Dismissed.
  • SEP 2015 | PROBATION
    Probation granted on Defendant’s fifth arrest for Driving While Intoxicated.
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Pretrial Diversion received on Driving While Intoxicated resulting in no conviction and ability to have expunged from Defendant’s record...

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